Submitted By Biff

Yo momma so thrifty that you you’re going to be stuck with some Lisa Frank junk instead of a Trapper-Keeper come September. Good luck making friends this year, chump.

Submitted By Zachary

Yo momma so genuine. No one could fake a smile like that.

Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s that day again… hope no one forgot! We’re going with the old Mother’s Day standby: breakfast in bed. We needed a bit of a refresher course, so this YouTube video was a big help.

This would have been so much better if the kid was, like, 32 years old. If breakfast in bed isn’t your style, our book Yo Momma So Extraordinary is only ten dollars on Amazon! It’s the perfect gift for moms everywhere. As my mom put it, “I was expecting a disaster like that time I asked you to paint the garage, but I’m surprised. It came out pretty well.” Uh, thanks mom! Happy Mother’s Day!

Submitted By alan

Yo momma so comforting that I never once worried about my future. After all, it’s *our* future now.

Submitted By Schlomo

Yo momma so mysterious. Things were easier for the two of us when you guys slept in the same house.

Submitted By Jonez

Yo momma’s garden so tight I never mind helping her haul mulch. Sure, my car will smell terrible, but it’s going to be worth it once those hyacinths are in bloom.

Submitted By Candy

Yo momma so old-fashioned she only lets me watch TV for 30 minutes a day. At first I thought it was bullshit, but I’ve learned to appreciate the structure as an instrument of her love.

Submitted By andy

Yo momma so ladylike, but I wish her intrinsic feminine beauty hadn’t sabatoged her bodybuilding career.

Submitted By Sharden

Yo momma’s like a good pair of shoes. She makes me feel comfortable when we walk around all day.

Submitted By shoyen009

Yo momma so sweet that she knows I don’t need sugar for my morning coffee anymore.