Submitted By Shelster

Yo momma’s like a sunrise. She makes my day!

Submitted By Zachary

Yo momma so micro-gastronomical she freebases salami.

Submitted By pressxtoJason

Yo momma so mysterious, but I didn’t expect to see her bagged by How to Catch a Predator that afternoon. It’s my fault, really. I do look old for my age.

Submitted By dasfunk

Yo momma so beautiful that when I compare her to other ladies I’ve seen, she usually comes up in the top four or so. Sometimes even before your sister.

Submitted By Kebin

Yo momma’s like ashes. She used to smokin hot and now she’s pretty cool.

Submitted By deepbellylaughs

Yo momma is so sweet… she farts powdered sugar!

Submitted By lester

Yo momma so considerate that she always puts the thousand thread count sheets on her bed when she knows I’m coming over.

Submitted By p henry

Yo momma so splendid, I never suspected she was capable of breaking up the Beatles. Sorry that your mom ruined music, jerk.

Submitted By Junpei

Yo momma so generous, but honestly it feels inappropriate to never pay for my own dinner. You know, all things considered.

Submitted By Drex888

Yo momma so inventive, the authorities will probably never find your father.