Submitted By Victor

Yo momma such a free thinker that she calls hoagies “grinders.” No, really, I’m not offended… it’s cute.

Submitted By frint

Yo momma so careful, but I’m really glad she’s finally starting to open up about why she’s unhappy with her marriage.

Submitted By Rusto

Yo momma so inventive, and we ended up doing this thing she called a “sixty-nine,” which I will not be explaining to you.

Submitted By dale

Yo momma so proud of you, and why shouldn’t she be? I assume you still haven’t told her about the incident with the broken tree branch, the motor oil, and the family of small rabbits.

Submitted By ted

Yo momma’s skin so soft, I almost feel dirty wearing it as a suit.

Submitted By sway_ze

Yo momma so exhilarating, whenever I talk to her I feel like we should be in a commercial for chewing gum. It’s too bad her acting career never came together.

Submitted By jody

Yo momma so noble that she immediately confessed to buying the box of wine so that we didn’t have to go to juvy.

Submitted By gavin

Yo momma so courageous, she’s willing to risk the side effects of an IUD just to ensure she doesn’t have to go through that whole thing again. Oh, sorry, I forgot who I was talking to.

Submitted By Big Daddy Trump

Yo momma so professional that I have no problem with her concealing our relationship during board room meetings.

Submitted By Alison Gerber

Yo momma so chaste and I’m totally fine with it. Anal’s much more exciting.